Important Info:  "this is not a bus ride tour of folks packed onto a mixed groups of people..." 

Certificate of Registration is valid for 2019 and may be viewed in the photo gallery** (licenses, insurance and saftey inspection certificate) must be visible on all vessels.

•All tours include boat, captain, snorkel gear and soft drinks...(lunch  is not provided)
•This is your private  charter boat tour – the boat and my services are all yours for just your family or friends. (8 people max.)
Rates are not per person...the cost is total to charter the boat for yourself. 
Transportation not provided.
•Location is Brown’s Marine – 2 miles South of George Town. — See Map
•Tour times — 9am-1pm or 1pm-5pm.
Payment with Cash is of course you can have a discount... otherwise we do accept Visa and Mater Card ccards.....we also accept crptocurrency - Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin. 
In case of weather we will reschedule your tour for next available day/time.
•You can enjoy lunch at one of the beach bars or pack your own...(lunch is not provided).

pigs Unfortunately... we do not go down the cays to see the pigs!! We offer a private, more relaxed day with plenty of exciting snorkel spots and time to enjoy your surroundings. One does not have to go far to see and experience the culture and unfathomable beauty of these islands...after ten minutes they are still pigs!! No pigs and no Thunderball Grotto!!... there are lots of other great wonders out here to enjoy...sea you soon!!


 All charters are customized…there is no set schedule!  Soak up the sun and immerse yourself in crystal clear waters. You may encounter stingrays, dolphins, turtles or other cool flora and fauna. Take a walk on a sandbar or just relax on a pink sand beach… See below for a full listing of our tours and activities.

 All tour information is current for 2019 - **Rates are not per person - this is "your" own private  charter boat tour...

The "3 hour tour" (3) hours -$350cash/crpto or $380ccard
See the Stromatolites or snorkel a blue hole at Stocking Island, visit Victoria’s Secret photo shoot beach to search for Sea Stars, or just relax on a pink sand beach made of sea strawberry. This excursion is a great way to get your feet wet with a taste of Elizabeth Harbour and to learn of some of the history of the islands.

Sandbar Snorkel Safari  (4) hours -$450cash/crpto or $490ccard **captains choice0
 Take in the sights on your way to swim with the turtles if they are home...(weather conditions)...float by the caves and Blue Holes as we venture thru “50 shades of blue” on our way to a spectacular sandbar. Immerse yourself in the Moriah Harbour Cay National Park, snorkel Fowl Cay reef and experience the aquatic wonders of it all…pass by Stocking Island to see if the Stingrays are about for a friendly visit.

"Not only did we see some of the most beautiful, breathtaking places on earth, we also learned so much about the history of the Exumas and what sets it apart from the rest of the world...patient, informative, and made sure we were safe while having a wonderful time." - Sally M.

The Full Monty  (8) hours -$800cash/crpto or $880ccard  

The Full Monty is just get to see it all. We can do anything and everthing on the 3 and 4 hour tours and also have time for lunch at one of the beach bars if you wish.!! Or you may want to bring a picnic lunch for an unforgetable beach somewheres...

White Cay Runaway (8) hours -$1200cash/crpto or $1290ccard

 This is your ticket if you wish to journey to White Cay, film location for Pirates of the Caribbean II and III, also to see the iguanas that live there. This remote sandbar cay is the very last island in the Exuma chain and as said you always save the best for last…and would be a shame to travel down there just to return home so soon…therefore we provide a delightful picnic lunch...the wow factor goes thru the roof on this tour!! (weather permitting).

Kiteboard Utopia (4) hours -$450 cash/crpto or $495ccard
 Experience a kiteboarding adventure you will not soon forget. Sightsee along the way as we kitesurf a National Park, with waves and slicks. Finish off this stellar day snorkeling and beach bar hopping. (gear not provided)